I do not know or remember the source, but I found a saying that I had written in my Bible. “The life you are living is temporary. The life you are leaving is permanent.” Those words impact me more and more as time goes by. We make choices each day and most of the time we give no thought to the influence of our decisions.

Paul said that we are letters, known and read of all men. (II Corinthians 3:2)

They are watching and reading. Your family, sons & daughters, friends and foes! What is the content of the letters of your life? The crescendo of our worship is found in our daily decisions and choices of life. It is here that we choose to conform or transform! (Romans 12:1-2)

We live in a culture that is counter to the kingdom life that we, as believers, are called to. So much of what we desire and pursue, has no eternal value. Ultimately, when this life has concluded, most of what people have chased becomes meaningless. Things and stuff hold no value in eternity. We are called to seek the Lord, first…and then His promise is “all these other things shall be added!”

I have been abundantly blessed by people in my life who have had extraordinary influence in my faith and behavior. My father made many decisions that spoke to me about what was most important. Relationship with Christ was the highest priority. I saw my parents pray often…they prayed for me and with me. Their Bibles were well-worn and their priorities were made from what they found in Scripture. Church attendance and participation was a constant and consistent reality in our home. I observed my Father and Mother diligently give of themselves, serving in a myriad of ministry positions throughout the years.

My parents were saved when I was five years old. Until they died, they never wavered. They were constant in their faith and behavior. From the point of their salvation, they attended the same church for over 50 years.

Their legacy affects my life daily. Their life choices had far-reaching impact. They made the path to Christ easy for me to find. I am eternally grateful for their legacy. As a father of three sons, a papaw, a Godfather and a spiritual father…I understand, “The life I am living is temporary. The life I am leaving is permanent!” The choices that you make today, this week and beyond…they matter.

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