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HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit your announcement using the request form on this page. We WILL NOT accept any announcements over the phone or in person, so as to avoid any miscommunication of your information.

DEADLINE: To ensure that there is room in the bulletin for your announcement, we would encourage you to submit your request as far in advance of your event as possible. The deadline for submitting 411/bulletin requests (or changes to running announcements) is 11:59pm on Sunday the week before your announcement will run.

INCLUSION: All requests are reviewed before publication. We reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content, if necessary. Due to the large number of events advertised throughout the year, it may sometimes be necessary for us to shorten the duration of your announcement. The church office also has the right to refuse or deny any announcement.

It is strongly requested that all announcement requests have Ministry Area approval before submission. This will cut down on any conflicting announcements.

Please make sure that any events being advertised are booked on the church calendar BEFORE the request is submitted. If an event is not on the church calendar and is located in the church the announcement WILL NOT run.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Announcements should be directed to the entire congregation (or large subsets of the congregation). For example: Committee meetings and small groups of 50 or less will not be included. Information about these meetings can be disseminated by letters or phone calls rather than church-wide announcements.

CONTACT INFO: Your announcement MUST include contact information. Please do not instruct people to call the church office for more information about your event. Please double-check phone numbers and e-mail addresses for accuracy.

DURATION OF ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements will generally run for no longer than three weeks, and should be published three weeks in advance of your event to ensure maximum exposure to the congregation. If you want to run it for more you need to resubmit your 411 but there will be a break in-between them.

OUTSIDE EVENTS: We generally do not advertise events sponsored by outside organizations. If it is an event that is sponsored by an outside organization it may be delayed in the announcement process to be approved.


We hope the above information will help you as you plan the advertising for your scheduled event. If you have any further questions about these guidelines, please call Chris Cummins in the church office at 614-279-2311 ext. 234.