Only Believe

Description The words found in John 3:16 are familiar, but still powerful to every person who hears them. The message of the Gospel is not to condemn the sinner, but to provide the ultimate gift of eternal life. This gift is available to all who will only believe. Audio Only

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On the Crest of a Hill

Description Oftentimes, revival is the result of crisis. When people experience crisis, they turn to God, and as a result, God responds with His faithfulness. In this message, Pastor Oldfield looks at a time when the odds were stacked against Asa and God’s people. Audio Only

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Principles Regarding Persecution

Description We are living in days of growing persecution toward Christians. It has certainly been very evident around the globe, but even in the United States there is a growing hatred and anti-christ spirit. However, persecution is not always a bad thing. Audio Only

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Description The world seems to have a growing number of people who feel forgotten and unwanted. Isolation and loneliness torment many people who feel as though they are an “outcast” in this world. As always, the Scripture provides hope and Good News! Audio Only

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Take The Gate

Description In order for the children of Israel to possess the Promised Land, the Canaanites had to be conquered. Joshua 6 records a powerful victory over the city of Jericho. In order to move forward into God’s promises for our lives, we too must conquer some things. Let’s “take the gate” and possess our promised land through obedience, honor and faith. Audio Only

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Description Trouble, pressure, problems and calamities break the faith of too many people. However, the Bible teaches about the importance of continuing through trails through faith in Jesus Christ. Audio Only

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Greatly Annoyed

Description Grieved, sorely annoyed, worn out, irritated and fed up — these are the words that translators have used to describe Paul’s state of mind in Acts 16. When was the last time you were worked up regarding a spiritual situation? Let’s take a look at Paul and his annoyance. Audio Only

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Run Toward The Giant

Description There are giants in our lives that taunt and intimidate us, this was the case in the familiar story of David and Goliath. Instead of running to safety, David ran toward the giant that stood before him. David knew that his God was greater than Goliath, but he also had reminders of previous victories that God performed. We too can believe for victory and run toward our giant. Audio…

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Come Out Of The Boat

Description On a restless sea, in pitch-black darkness, Jesus invited Peter to come out of the boat to Him. This familiar story of Peter walking on water has many insights regarding fear and faith. Jesus told Peter to come, what is He saying to you? Audio Only

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Faith: The Predator of Fear

Description Fear keeps us from miracles, power and greatness. It waits for opportunities to seize you and distract you, in order to bring your ability to believe into ruin. But fear has been defeated, and you must overcome fear to obtain greater dimensions in faith. Let’s consider what the Bible says about fear and faith. Audio Only

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