*UPDATE* We have decided to postpone the Mom to Mom sale as of right now. We will update with the new date once it has been selected. *UPDATE*


MOPS PH Columbus is hosting our annual Mom to Mom consignment sale at Potter’s House Columbus Campus on Saturday, April 4th, 2020 from 9am to 1pm. You can sell your gently used kids’ clothes, toys and gear as well as shop for items you might need for your own kids. With dozens of participants and vendors every year, this is a great way to make some extra cash just in time for the vacation season or to pick up some great deals of your own.

We will also be hosting direct sales vendors from companies such as LulaRoe, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One and other handcrafted items. And if you get hungry you can grab a snack from our in-house café.

Want to check out the deals before everyone else? Sign up to volunteer! You can help work the sale and shop before the doors even open. So, come grab a snack, shop all the great vendors & get some great deals on kids’ items!

*We accept cash or credit

Sale Location

Potter’s House Columbus Campus
3220 Lowell Drive
Columbus, OH 43204

If you’d like to be one of sellers/vendors or if you’d like to volunteer, here is where you can sign up as well as get some more info!
How To Price Items:
  • The Seller decides the price of each item

  • Price items in 50 cent increments ($0.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc)

  • Use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach tags to items. Tape can be used for toys.

  • Add tags to the top left/right corner of each item (this will make it easier for buyers when shopping)

  • If an item is being sold as a set, pin the items together.

  • If multiple items are being included & are small, use a Ziploc bag but ensure the tag is visible

  • Items should be folded neatly & put in a box/tote with the sellers # easily readable on the outside

Tips for Sellers:
  • If you have a large number of items to sell you can change the quantity. Instead of adding 20 items for $1 individually you can do 1 entry & ​change the quantity to 20. MySalesManager will print 20, $1 item tags.

  • Sellers are not required to enter a description for each item. The only details that need to be on the tag include: Price, Seller # & bar code. Any other detail is for the sellers benefit, not the Mom2Mom Sale.

Clothing / Shoes:
  • Girl Clothing: size 0-16 (no adult)

  • Boy Clothing: 0-20 (no adult)

  • Girl & Boy Teen Style Clothing

  • Outerwear (winter/spring coats, scarves, gloves/mittens, raincoats, umbrellas)

  • Pajamas, robes, slippers

  • Shoes: snow boots, rain boots, sandals, slippers, dress shoes, tennis shoes, cleats, roller blades, dance shoes, dress-up shoes

  • Bathing Suits

  • Costumes / dress-up items

  • Maternity Clothing

Furniture / Bedding:
  • Cribs / Changing Tables

  • Rocking chairs

  • Toddler / Twin beds

  • Nursery Bedding (bumper, sheets, quilts, pillows, lamps, curtains, blankets)

  • Toddler Bedding (comforter, sheets, curtains, bed skirt, blankets)

Toys / Equipment:
  • Large Toys (kitchen, tables, chairs)

  • Small Toys (barbies, dolls, cars) – small toys should be in Ziploc baggies to prevent loss

  • Outdoor Toys (tables, chairs, water tables, bikes, scooters, bike seats)

  • DVD’s / Electronic learning games

  • Car seats (not expired) & accessories

  • Walkers

  • Highchairs / Bottles

  • Strollers

  • Gates

  • Pack & Plays

  • Monitors

  • Breast Pumps

Items That Will Not Be Accepted:
  • Video Tapes
  • Video Games
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Training Pants / Underwear
  • Clothing with holes, stains, rips
  • Clothing with broken zippers, missing buttons

Drop – Off Items:
  • Sellers can drop off items on Friday, April 3rd (4-7pm)

  • Drop-Off Location:

    • Potters House Church of God (Main Entrance)​

    • 3220 Lowell Drive

    • Columbus, OH 43204

  • Items need to put in a box / tote with the sellers # easily visible on the outside

  • There is no limit to the number of items that can be sold.

  • Grouping items by size / gender is appreciated. This makes for easy sorting when items are dropped off

Pick – Up Items:
  • Sellers can pick-up items on Saturday, April 4th (2-2:30pm)

  • Pick-Up Location:

    • Potters House Church of God (Main Entrance)​

    • 3220 Lowell Drive

    • Columbus, OH 43204

  • Items that are not picked up by 2:30pm will be donated.​

Volunteers can pre-shop before the sale is open to the public. The number of hours volunteered will determine the number of items you are able to pre-shop!
  • All volunteers must sign up prior to the sale. Sign-up closes Thursday, April 2nd at 12pm.
  • The number of hours you have worked will determine how many items you can pre-shop.
  • 1 volunteer hour = 10 pre-shop items – You can only shop one big ticket item per volunteer hour. (i.e. crib, bed, stroller, carseat, bike, breast pump etc.)
  • Pre-shop time will be on Friday, April 3rd after set-up is complete.
  • Items can only be purchased after volunteer hours have been worked. If you work on Saturday, items will be held until volunteer hours are completed.

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